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Owl ring bearers covering the UK

By Andrea Winders, Apr 26 2015 06:39PM

Owls and Birds of prey for school visits and educational talks in the North West covering Liverpool, wasrrington, manchester, wigan, St Helens and all surrounding areas!

Our amazing Birds have loved their weekend off and so have we, I say weekend off they have been flying around Owl Barn!

We visited a steam fair rally today near home, we had fun!!

Our education Owls are out again tomoro at a school in Bolton, then we are off to Garstang for a chat with a potential new customer mmmm interesting.

Our white doves have also had a day off but they are back out on tuesday for a training flight.

No Weddings next weekend :(

Dont forget we now offer pest control. Flying Hawks and Falcons to deter nesting or pest Birds such as pigeons and gulls.

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