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By Andrea Winders, Oct 29 2015 08:31PM

What a great few weeks we have had!! Visits to lots of lovely schools including St Johns in Southport. The kids (and teachers) loved our Owls!! We demoed a few to the whole school and flew Daisy, she did really well and at one point even landed on the projector in the rafters lol. Luckily she recalled straight away.

We also did an hour for Y2 with an Owl talk and flying demo, the kids where a lovely lively lot and we really enjoyed their company. Big thanks to Miss Halsall for booking us.

We have also visited Bishop Martin school for the 2nd time with our Baby Barn Owls!! The kids loved the Owlets and remembered all I had taught them, I was very impressed.

Our Weddings are still very busy with 2 last weekend and 2 this weekend, We have 1 in Warrington which will be performed by Alfie who will be taking a well earned rest after this one for a few months to moult out his brand new feathers!!

Daisy, Crystal, Wispa, Kermit and Sid will be travelling along way to Hertfordshire to a Harry Potter themed Wedding, maybe Daisy will brake her duck and deliver the rings at this one????

All the Falcons/pest control Birds including the Hawks have been flying all week, homing their skills for the job.

The Doves have been out at 2 Weddings and have put the miles in.

Next week I have an extremely emotional job to do, my very good friend and Owl lover Owl Bill has sadley suddenly passed away. As a mark of respect to my mate we are taking 28 Doves for release at his funeral, accompanied by Owls. It will be an exrtremely sad day as we honour this wonderful Human Being.

God Bless Owlies!!

I dedicate this blog to OWL BILL TURNER

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