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Owl Ring Bearers covering the North West including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Wigan, St Helens, Preston etc

By Andrea Winders, Oct 12 2015 07:19PM

Bring your lessons to life wth a visit from our Owls, Learn about the Owls that live around us, their habitat, Hunting skills, eyesight, hearing, feathers etc etc.

The sessons are hands on, engaging, educational and most of all fun.

We also perform at Weddings! Our specially trained Owls perform as ring bearers! Delivering the wedding rings in the middle of the ceremony!!

Our pest control falcons and hawks help to deter unwanted pest birds such as Pigeons and Gulls.

Other services include White dove release for funerals and weddings, Birds of prey for displays, Fetes and social gatherings.

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