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Owl Ring Bearers based in the North West and covering the UK including Warrignton, Liverpool, Chester, Manchester, Wigan etc...

By Andrea Winders, Jan 11 2016 07:48PM

One of the leading companies in the UK offerring Owl Ring bearers. We are based in the North West but cover the whole of the UK

With our local Weddings we offer FREE white dove release with Owl Wedding packages.

Doves are also available for release at Funerals.

We breed and train all our Owls and have a 100% record since we started in 2008.

We also secialise in School visits with our Owls, bringing lessons to life!! Engaging, educational and fun for the kids!

Another string in our bow is pest control, we fly our Hawks and Falcons around business' to help deter Pest Birds from nesting and roofing. A humane way to control Pigeons and Gulls.

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